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Eliaversity is duly registered with the Government of Ghana through the Registrar General's Department. We are a technology company that partners with accredited universities to offer their degree programs online. All our degree programs are accredited and globally recognized. We provide learning management systems, digital enrollment, and student support services. Our partner universities provide quality assurance oversight and award the degree certificates.

NB: We are an Online Learning Management company. Not a University.

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Eliaversity has competitive advantages over traditional universities. Eliaversity is the future of university education in Africa.

100% Online

Eliaversity is 100% Online. Traditional Universities are brick and mortal with all the inconveniences.

Almost FREE

Application, Admission Processing, Examination, Transcript and Certificate are almost FREE. Traditional universities charge you for application form, admission processing, courses registration, exam, transcript and certificate.

Flexible Lecture

Eliaversity lectures are self-paced and flexible. Traditional universities are fixed and stiff lecture schedules. Gives no room for you to work, make money and create values for the society.

Affordable Fee

Eliaversity fees are intentionally affordable. $300 per semester for bachelor’s programs and $800 per year for Master’s programs. Traditional universities fees are exorbitant and exploitative.

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