Why Study With Us

Eliaversity has competitive advantages over traditional universities. Eliaversity is the future of university education in Africa.

Below are some of the difference between Eliaversity and traditional universities:

1. Eliaversity is 100% Online. Traditional Universities are brick and mortal with all the inconvenuences.

2. Application, Admission Processing, Examination, Transcript and Certificate are FREE. Traditional universities charge you for application form, admission processing, courses registration, exam, transcript and certificate.

3. Eliaversity lectures are self-paced and flexible. Traditional universities are fixed and stiff lecture schedules. Gives no room for you to work, make money and create values for the society.

4. Eliaversity fees are intentionally affordable. $300 per semester for bachelor’s programs and $800 per year for Master’s programs. Traditional universities fees are exorbitant and exploitative.