Our competitive advantage in Online Program Management in Africa is partnership. Positive, profitable partnership between our company, university partners, edtech partners and Investors. Our global network of partners bring together digital marketing skills, website development skills, educational technology, higher education consulting experience and Silicon Valley connection to deliver a rich learning experience for our students.

We help our university partners market, enroll, retain and support their students to graduation. Below is the growing list of our partners:

  1. Icon University, Benin Republic
  2. ESSF University, Benin Republic
  3. Benin Info 247
  4. ISM Adonai University, Calavi
  5. HEGT University
  6. ESM University
  7. Afridash USA
  8. Eliaversity Research and Development, Ghana
  9. Teachera Trainings Limited, UK
  10. FFB Education Consultants, Nigeria.

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