Human Resource Management

Course Introduction:

The Human Resource Management [HRM or HR] course is primarily concerned with teaching you the management of human resources within organizations, focusing on policies and on systems. Human resource departments are responsible for overseeing employee-benefits design, employee recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, and managing pay and benefit systems.

This course will deal with organizational change and industrial relations, the balancing of organizational practices with requirements arising from collective bargaining and from governmental laws.

Course Objectives:

You will learn how to motivate and enhance employees’ contribution in order to maximize the productivity of an organization. You will be able to manage the human capital of an organization and focus on implementing policies and processes.

You can also specialise on recruiting, training, employee-relations or benefits. You will learn the key concepts of human resources, in-depth understanding of the importance of human resources in the private and public sectors.

You will be equipped to equipped to socialize in various fields as recruitment specialists, employee benefits managers, training specialists, human resources consultants, project managers and perform roles including recruiting, interviewing, wage and labor issues, benefits, compensation, employment, regulations, documentation and termination.

Course Outline:

This course will cover an understanding of the following topics

1. The role of human resources manager in organisations
2. Recruitment and interviewing techniques
3. Employee- employer relations
4. Training, assessment and development of employees
5. Remuneration and administration
6. Motivation of Employees
7. Management of changes within an organization
8. Business Management and Strategy
9. Human Resource planning and research
10.Compensation, payroll and Benefits
11.Risk Management

Course Fee: $65

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Mode Of Learning: Online and On Campus

How To Pay: Online Payment, Bank Transfer or Mobile Money

Certification: You will be issued a Certificate in Human Resource Management at the completion of your course.

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