Eliaversity’s bachelor and masters degree online programs are intentionally affordable because we want to give unlimited opportunities to Africans and other developing countries to access university education without stress.

Our mission is to widen access to university education in Africa by leveraging technology and innovation. Our vision is to graduate 100, 000 World Changers who will positively and radically transform their companies, organizations and communities.

No Africans should be deprived of university education because they cannot afford to pay college fees. Our passion is to take advantage of the scale that educational technology offer us, to massively train the human capital needed to take Africa to the next level.

Below is our fees structure:

  1. Short Courses: $50 per course.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree Programs: $300 per semester.
  3. HND 2 Degree: $500.
  4. Master’s Degree: $800 per program.

No hidden charges.

No application form fees.

No admission processing fees.

No examination fees.

No textbook fees.

No transcript, statement of result or certificate fees. Electronic copies are free.

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