Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eliaversity?

An online programme management (OPM) provider that partners with accredited universities and other institutions in order to offer degree and professional programmes. We committed to widen access to university education and professional programmes across Africa and the globe by leveraging technology and innovations.

Is Eliaversity Registered?

Eliaversity Research and Development is registered in Ghana with Registrar General's Department(RGD) to offer educational services.

Are the programs of Eliaversity Accredited?

Yes. All our degree programs are accredited. The degree certificates are issued by our partner universities.

Will I travel if I am a Student?

Eliaversity degrees and courses are 100% online. This means that, as long as you have an internet connection, you can study with us anywhere and anytime! Part of our mission is to help students overcome obstacles getting in the way of their studies, such as location or work and personal obligations. Our online environment allows for flexibility, so that no student is left out. No matter where you are, we will be there.

I cannot provide transcript, What can I do?

Please contact our Admissions or Program Advisor in this case.

Will Eliaversity be adding any other degree programs in the future?

Eliaversity is constantly working on developing new programs for their students and expects to have more degree earning programs in the near future.

Can I pay with my local currency?

Eliaversity accepts payments in US Dollars and other local currencies. Eliaversity accepts online money transfers as well as cash payments at our offices.

How do I get started?

Is there flexible payment plan?

Yes, you can pay:

  • 50% First Semester
  • 50% Second Semester
You can as well learn on credit and pay later

Where is your office located?

  • Eliaversity Campus, Opposite Bortianor Bus Stop, Accra-Cape Coast Road, Accra, Ghana.