Entrepreneurship and Business Start Up

Course Introduction:

The Entrepreneurship and Business Startup course is focused on the key challenges of launching a startup, covering topics from idea creation, market research to developing a pitch and obtaining venture capital.

This course will concentrate on business opportunities exploitation, business plan development and control, start-up establishment, management, team-building, market strategies, human resource management, leadership, innovation, intellectual property, economy, and networking.

It will provide participants with skills in entrepreneurship and assist in building an understanding of the core elements of business creation, provide pathways for innovation and future self employment.

Course Objectives:

You will learn how to generate ideas, perform market research, and identify your target customers. You will be provided with the skills and knowledge on how to conduct market segmentation, outline your customer persona, and identify the market size for your business.

You will apply creativity to a wide range of strategic management issues, solve problems with a high degree of innovation, creative thinking and risk taking. You will channel your creativity and strategic thinking to create effective business plans.

A set of theoretical and practical knowledge for an effective understanding of today’s business environment, people management ability and a good sales person traits.

This course will provide you with a series of tools and methods to use your creative imagination, discover new ideas, new products and new services and grow a startup from an idea.

Course Outline:

This course is designed to cover the following areas

1. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
2. The startup business model, ideation and creative thinking
3. Disruption and disruptive business models
4. Business modelling for startups
5. Building a product customers want
6. Developing growth and channels to customers
7. Branding and Marketing
8. How to pitch your business
9. Entrepreneurial Strategy
10. Building and managing a team
11. Crowdfunding and raising capital.
12. Market Segmentation
13. Leadership and networking
14. Risk taking
15. Business plan development and control.

Course Fee: $65

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Mode Of Learning: Online and On Campus

How To Pay: Online Payment, Bank Transfer or Mobile Money.

Certification: You will be issued a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Business Startup by Eliaversity or one of our University Partners at the completion of your course.

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