Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Holders of Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations and it’s equivalent are eligible to apply for Bachelor’s degree Top-Up in the following programmes:

1. B. Sc Economics

2. B. Sc Human Resource Management

3. B. Sc International Relations

4. B. Sc Information Technology

5. B. Sc Catering and Hotel Management

6. B. Sc Operations and Project Management

7. B. Sc Health Information Management

8. B. Sc Agricultural Science

9. B. Sc Marketing

10. B. Sc Accounting

11. B. Sc Banking and Finance

12. B. Sc Criminology and Security Studies

13. B. Sc in Geography and Environmental science

14. B. Sc Political Science

15. B. Sc Public Administration

16. B. Sc Peace, Conflict Resolution and Security Studies